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The fast paced, card based PvP brawler Clash Royale will now be a part of K1ck, as our Club has put together a group of talented Spanish players in order to make its first K1ck.cr team. Benefiting from a balance system that is usually not found in other card games, CR has attracted many players from different backgrounds and different ages, becoming rather successful.

The game is exploding in Spain and the team already has plans to attend the best leagues in the country as well as international leagues, fighting for the best possible achievements, as always. Here is our K1ck.cr current roster:


João "Destructor" Victor Caetano

Asier "Moodz" Mendibelzua Ugartetxe

Angel "The Joker" Fernández Coloma

Fernando "Fernando_725" Pintado Namuche

Mario "iTzMaRiiO" Mesa de la Gracia


Speaking on behalf of the team, K1ck-The Joker said that "I am very happy and with great hope as I enter this new project, being quite excited about the start of competition with this team", with K1ck-iTzMaRiiO also writing a few words for the occasion as he says that he is "eager to start working and take the club's name as high as possible in the Clash Royale".

So keep following our news and the K1ck debut in this new game, hoping that it will bring us some more enjoyable moments to add up to the many that we already experienced in this long run that we have in eSports.



4Gamers CS:GO

Group 1

Played Points
1 k1ck.csgo 3 9
2 exotic.csgo 3 6
3 EGN Pro.csgo 3 3
4 FTW.G2A 3 0


Played Points
1 k1ck.csgo 3 9
2 Grow uP.csgo 3 6
3 Voltaic Gaming 3 3
4 Alientech.csgo 0 0
5 Panthers 0 0
6 Exec 0 0
7 Stars Gaming 3 0

Asus Aura Sync

Played Points
1 k1ck.csgo 3 9
2 Galatics 3 6
3 exotic.csgo 3 3
4 EGN Pro.lol 0 0
5 Alientech.csgo 0 0
6 FTW.G2A 0 0
7 FTW.csgo 3 0

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