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After some exciting Rainbow Six Siege games during the weekend, K1ck has become the first National Champion in the Portuguese R6S League by Niuscup! It was a long path as the League started in May and in the last day of June the show could not have been better. Facing 1Grama in the final, after a good victory against FTW in the semis, our team got a solid advantage in the first map of the Bo3 and had to fight hard to also win the second one, as the game was decided in overtime's last round.


It was a great final and our valiant opponents did cause us several problems in the last map but with some impressive clutches, K1ck managed to turn a 06-07 disadvantage into a 08-07 triumph, putting the final 2-0 on the scoreboard and wallking away with the Portuguese National title.

Always keeping a great attitude that led them into successfully achieving magnificient turnarounds all through the playoffs, the K1ck Champions are:


sxra Yaman K1ck-sxra Andrade Jamal Yaman Andrade Jamal
Thuunder Pedro K1ck-Thuunder Pereira Pedro Pereira
Almeida Gabriel K1ck-Almeida Almeida Gabriel Wandscheer de Almeida
fxst Arthur K1ck-fxst Diogo Arthur Tavares Diogo
Nubaii Mário K1ck-Nubaii Oliveira Mário Oliveira


This was the first Rainbow Six Siege National League and Niuscup did a great job throughout the Season, bringing the game to the people that had a great time watching the streamings. R6S is becoming more and more popular also in Portugal, so we believe that with Lenovo Legion's help and the support that they have provided to the game itself, Rainbow Six future is brilliant. Well Played!


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Niuscup R6S S#2

Played Points
1 BP Esports 10 27
2 K1ck.r6s 10 23
3 GTZ Bulls.r6s 10 19
4 Oro Esports 10 14
5 FTW.r6s 10 12
6 Sacavenense 10 10
7 5Guys 10 9
8 Team N0de 10 2

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