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Another busy weekend, as we like them, is what lies ahead of us on this Saturday morning. In fact  K1ck is among the four teams that will be fighting for victory in each of the Worten Omen Gaming Challenge tournaments. Going through the qualifying stage that packed hundreds of teams, you can now follow the online finals with the presence of k1ck.csgo today and k1ck.lol tomorrow.

Facing Hexagone for a place in the final in this single elimination bracket, our Counter-Strike Global Offensive team is in good shape and willing to conquer another tournament with an interesting prize-money. These are the players that once again will try to reach glory under the K1ck colors:


K1ck CS:GO  
million Pedro K1ck-million Teixeira PedroTeixeira
MUTiRiS Christopher K1ck-mut Fernandes Christopher Fernandes
Rmn Ricardo K1ck-rmn Oliveira Ricardo Oliveira
Horvy João K1ck-Horvy Horvath João Horvath
KillDream João K1ck-KillDream Ferreira João Ferreira


Tomorrow it's time for some League of Legends action with our renewed k1ck.lol presenting the following players to another clash with Hexagone in the semis, but this time in a double elimination bracket:


K1ck LoL  
AlternativeX João 'K1ck-AlternativeX' Parada João Parada
Slayer Nuno 'K1ck-Slayer' Moutinho Nuno Moutinho
Aziado Tiago 'K1ck-Aziado' Rodrigues Tiago Rodrigues
Reat1vo Oleg 'K1ck-Reat1vo' Ralchenko Oleg Ralchenko
Truklax Alexandre 'K1ck-Truklax' Nascimento Alexandre Nascimento


Whether you prefer CS:GO or LOL stay tuned for some great K1ck games throughout the whole weekend.


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Master League Portugal S3

Played Points
1 Giants.csgo 7 39
2 Offset 7 36
3 k1ck.csgo 7 22
4 GTZ Bulls 7 21
5 FTW.csgo 7 14
6 XF Iberia 7 14
7 EGN.csgo 7 13
8 Grow uP.csgo 7 10

ESEA Advanced S#31

Played Points
1 k1ck.csgo 7 6
3 STEP 1 3
4 nerdRage 1 3
5 Wisla Plock 1 3
6 Codewise Unicorns 1 3
7 Ex-Fragsters 1 0
8 Gloria Mundi 1 0

NiusCUP Rainbow 6 Siege

Played Points
1 K1ck.r6 3 7
2 1Grama 3 6
3 Oro Esports 2 4
4 FTW.r6 3 4
5 LionZ eSports 2 2
6 Team Claw 2 1
7 5Guys 1 0
8 Team N0de 2 0

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