Lisbon, May the 16th, 2017 – TP-Link, global provider of consumer and business networking solutions, and Neffos, TP-Link's smartphone brand, are Gold Sponsors of the K1ck eSports Club in the 2017 season. TP-Link, Neffos and K1ck join forces to strengthen the presence of Portuguese players in the best electronic games events all around the world. From today, they will share ideas and projects towards excellence in eSports.

K1ck eSports Club is a pioneer in Portugal and one of the most awarded clubs in the world. This partnership is an important lever to increase the visibility of TP-Link and Neffos in a strategic market for the brands.

Gaming - A growing industry
With this alliance, TP-Link reinforces its strategy to positioning itself in a rapidly expanding market - eSports. This market moves over 1.8 million euros, more than 400 million players and more than 134 million viewers worldwide, growing each day.

"Evaluating these numbers, TP-Link and Neffos have decided to sponsor one of the leaders of the national and international e-sports market - K1ck, "says Montse Gonzalez, Marketing & PR Manager TP-Link Iberia.

Neffos is targeting a young market, and sponsoring an eSports team is a great way to get to the gamer movement, which is also a intensive user of mobile technology. We’re looking forward to this partnership”, added Javier de la Asunción, Neffos Marketing Manager.

"We have been following TP-Link's work over the years and it's time to work together to reach our goals in a broader way. We are really happy to have such a reputed and professional company on our side, helping us to become better at what we do, "said Pedro Fernandes, senior manager of K1ck eSports Club.

K1ck eSports Club started operations in September 2005 as a result of the evolution of the online gaming group K1ck, founded in October 1998, the same group that turned into a company in 2016, being the first legally registered and active Portuguese eSports Association created from a community of gamers.

K1ck won the first Portuguese Electronic Sports medal in major European and World competitions - WCG and ESWC. This achievement was in March 2006 at the SEC2006 (European Championships) held in Hanover during CeBit. In 2007, they set a record difficult to achieve, contributing with 11 players to the 11 seats available in the National Team that represented Portugal in Seattle, USA, in the World Cyber Games, obtaining a Portuguese representation all constituted by K1ck members.

The K1ck eSports Club has several members from different nations in its ranks and always compete in a serious and professional way in the most successful games, a little throughout the world, giving a valid contribution to the eSports community.

The partnership between TP-Link and Neffos with K1ck is expected to last one year.


LPLOL S3 Split #2

Played Points
1 K1ck.lol 7 21
2 FTW.lol 7 14
3 Doxa Gaming 7 12
4 EGN Pro.lol 7 9
5 Why eSports.lol 7 9
6 XD Omen by HP 7 8
7 Exceed 9K eSports 7 4
8 Boavista FC 7 1

LPGO Season 1

Played Points
1 Alientech.csgo 7 21
2 k1ck.csgo 7 11
3 Hexagone.cubo 7 11
4 Defs 7 9
5 Hexagone.csgo 7 9
6 Panthers 7 7
7 FTW.csgo 7 5
8 Eyeshield 7 2


Played Points
1 k1ck.csgo 3 9
2 Grow uP.csgo 3 6
3 Voltaic Gaming 3 3
4 Alientech.csgo 0 0
5 Panthers 0 0
6 Exec 0 0
7 Stars Gaming 3 0

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Match Results

2 : 1
K1ck.lol   Doxa Gaming
3 : 1
K1ck-Derp Light   K1ck-Lucasgsm_13
3 : 0
K1ck-Lucasgsm_13   FTW Samuca069
2 : 3
K1ck-Tugazinho   K1ck-Derp Light
2 : 0
Doxa Gaming   FTW.lol
2 : 0
K1ck.lol   Why eSports.lol
14 : 16
k1ck.csgo   Galatics.csgo
3 : 16
k1ck.csgo   gBots
3 : 2
K1ck.lol   FTW.lol
0 : 2
k1ck.csgo   Hexagone.csgo
10 : 16
k1ck.csgo   Alientech.csgo
16 : 7
k1ck.csgo   Hexagone.cubo

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eSports nowadays are an important part of people's lives. Such as Sports evolved and became a worldwide phenomena, the Electronic Sports are on that route and gathering support at a faster pace. K1ck eSports Club is a legal and registered eSports brand with over 750 awards that originated from a Multigaming Club. Alive and K1cking since 1998.