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What You Need to Know

The next big event for the eSporting industry is the Apex Legends, the Preseason Invitational which is the first of its kind, making it one of the most coveted events of 2019. This is where you want to be if you are an eSports fan and want to be a part of a revolutionary movement. Held in September from the 13th to the 15th, the event takes place in Krakow, Poland and this is what you need to know about the event.

About the Event

The event has been organized by leading brands Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment and is featuring some of the best on a large scale. The competition will be home to some of the best talents in the industry. There are 80 teams, each team consisting of 3 players, from all around the globe competing for the prize pool if half a million dollars, $500,000! While the players battle it out to win first place, bookmakers will be making their own bets at for additional adrenaline.

Teams in Attendance

Amongst the 80 participating teams, viewers can expect to see X-Games Gold Medalists TSM, Fnatic, MVP, Virtus Pro and a number of renowned names in the games.
Attendees can purchase tickets to be there in person or live streaming is optional for fans abroad. For those in attendance, there will be complimentary meal vouchers as well as free merchandise to remember the first ever Apex Legends Major in Krakow.
Brace yourself for the biggest event of September and watch the pros take to the battlefield behind their gaming masks!

The Broadcast Talent Team

Many eSports fans and members may already be familiar with some of the talents that will be hosting the events over the weekend. Here is the line-up of who you can expect to be at the 2019 event:
Analysts will include Jamerson, GlitterXplosion, Nathanias, and GuyBlaze.
Play by Play Commentators will be the duo team of Bravo and Onset.
Colour Commentators will be the team of Dreadnaught (Wade Penfold) and Dan Gaskin.
Interviewers are Jump and Evan Byron Raynr.

How the Point System Works

Points will be allocated to teams as follows:
To win first place, the first team must have a minimum of 12 points per round. The rest continues as follows per round:
2nd Place – 9 Points
3rd Place – 7 Points
4th Place – 5 Points
6th Place up to 10th Place – 2 Points
11th Place up to 15th Place – 2 Points
16th Place up to 20th Place – 0 Points
Eliminations provide 1 Point

Brackets and How It Works

Anyone familiar with double-elimination format will quickly gauge how the point system works, however if this is new to you it’s a simple method containing both a winner and a loser’s bracket. How it works is all teams, during the first round, are categorized under the winner’s bracket. During the first bracket, the Winners Bracket, there are 3 rounds. Each round is comprised of several matchups between the teams within the groups. There will be a number of 10 teams with the highest scores in each group to advance to the next round within the Winner Bracket.
The remaining teams, after the 10 up to a maximum of 10 will be classed under the Losers Bracket and prizes will be awarded according to the prize pool awards.


The team to win first place is awarded $105,000 while the remainder of the prize pool is divided amongst the rest of the winners. Second place will receive $75,000 while third place will get an impressive $60,000 and fourth sits on $48,000. There is also an additional reward of $8,000 which goes to the player dubbed as the ‘Apex Predator’ and this is awarded for the most eliminations throughout the tournament.

Wrapping It Up

Just before the tournament begins, players from around the world are preparing for one of the biggest eSports events of 2019. With 80 teams from around the world competing, there will be a number of bets on which team will win. Continuous updates will be provided, and supporters can stay in tune following their local teams throughout the war over the weekend. Streaming will be provided as the event is hosted by massive gaming brand EA Sports

After the Tournament

After the tournament and throughout the tournament, supporters can follow which team took first and last place with all the other teams taking a place in between. The highlights of the event will be broadcasted and each player alongside their talents will be on show.

Country Representation

Each country will be represented by their team and following the progress will be permitted throughout the weekend. Stay tuned for more to come as the date fast approaches and teams sweat it out for the victory.


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Ultraliga Season #4

Played Points
1 AGO Rogue 14 36
2 Pompa Team 14 30
3 H34T Esports 15 30
4 15 27
5 Illuminar Gaming 14 21
6 Gentlemen's Gaming 14 15
7 piratesports 14 6
8 Pride.csgo 14 6

EU Masters Spring 2020

Group C

Played Points
1 Movistar 8 18
2 7 12
3 Schalke 04 7 12
4 Team Singularity 6 0

EU Masters Spring Play-In

Group D

Played Points
1 6 15
2 Sector One 6 12
3 WL Gaming 6 9

Ultraliga Season #3

Played Points
1 AGO Rogue 14 36
2 14 33
3 14 30
4 piratesports 14 21
5 Illuminar Gaming 14 18
6 AVEZ Esport 14 12
7 Diablo Chairs 14 9
8 14 9

Competiciones Pasadas



Live Streaming


Próximos Partidos LoL (BST)

0 : 0 Pompa Team

Próximos Partidos Apex

Próximos Partidos RL


3 : 0   Gentlemen's Gaming
3 : 0
AGO Rogue   Pompa Team
2 : 3
K1ck.rl   Servette
3 : 2
K1ck.rl   Glizzy
2 : 3
K1ck.rl   Génesis
3 : 0   Illuminar Gaming
1 : 3
H34T Esports   Gentlemen's Gaming
0 : 1   H34T Esports
1 : 0
AGO Rogue   Pompa Team
0 : 1
piratesports   Illuminar Gaming
0 : 1
Pride.csgo   Gentlemen's Gaming
0 : 1
H34T Esports
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