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July 2009 23-25 - Place: Bilbao, Spain

Gamegune Photos

XLParty - WGT

July 2009 17-19 - Place: Porto, Portugal

XLParty - WGT Photos

Kode5 Finals Moscow

May 2009 08-10 - Place: Moscow, Russia

Kode5 Finals Moscow Photos


May 2009 01-03 - Place: Bressuire, France

LAN79 Photos

Kode5 Spain

April 2009 04-05 - Place: Zaragoza, Spain

Kode5 Spain Photos

XLParty SM Feira 09

March 2009 27-29 - Place: Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal

XLParty SM Feira 09 Photos

Kode5 Portugal

March 2009 21-22 - Place: Paços de Ferreira, Portugal

Kode5 Portugal Photos

K1ck Counter-Strike Challenge

February 2009 07 - Place: Gaia, Portugal

K1ck Counter-Strike Challenge Photos

Dreamhack Winter 08

November 2008 27-30 - Place: Jönköping, Sweden

Dreamhack Winter 08 Photos

LG Master Cup

November 2008 14-15 - Place: Lisboa, Portugal

The competition started like they all should start: with a reception for the teams involved. Friday night we went to Cordoaria Nacional near the Tejo river and we took part in an enjoyable party at the big house, while watching the draw. K1ck was the last team to come out of the box and hopefully the last team standing, so we thought, on the final day of the tournament.

Saturday arrived and also did the players. With Praça do Comércio and Terreiro do Paço blocked, we wondered around the Lisbon center, trying to get to the tournament in time to have something for lunch. All things in place, it was time to play some serious Counter-Strike for a 10K reward. Watching the first semi final, we have patiently waited for our time to grab the places at the stage.

Controlling the two maps, we have won [16:08] and [16:10] in dust2 and nuke vs lanbar, booking a place at the final. With the 10K on the horizon, the dust2 final vs defs started quite well and we have changed sides winning [10:05] playing as T. Things got tied up at [13:13] but we had managed our money well and won [16:13]. Then the amazing happened.

[14:01] while attacking as T in nuke is something seldomly seen, specially in a final fight for an interesting prize-money. But we did see it and enjoyed it. The team was playing heavy ball and we changed sides, there was no doubt of who would win the tournament. Sitting back, we lost a few rounds but it was a question of how many rounds the other team would score until we ended the game. [16:09] gave us the second victory and the 10 000 Eur check plus the trophy and some more stuff from the sponsors.

It was now time to celebrate and take the trophy home, promising a quick return to the second edition of a tournament that handed over the biggest pay check in the country.

LG Master Cup Photos

Spanish World Cyber Games

September 2008 19-21 - Place: Madrid, Spain

Spanish World Cyber Games Photos

AK Awards & Fun Party

September 2008 05-07 - Place: Estoril, Portugal

The first edition of the AK (Associação K1ck) Awards Ceremony couldn't have had a better place. In beautiful Estoril, with the houses, trees and magnific views over the sea, we went to the Congress Center right across from the casino and delivered the trophies to the individualities that contributed to the growth of K1ck eSports Club during 2007. In front of an applauding crowd, one by one they were handed over to the nominees in the main stage, with a little pause for the photos that the journalists attending the event were taking.

The Fun Party that we have managed also went rather well, with the tournaments taking place in a good rhythm. The Quake 4 grand final was the highest moment, with a fiercing fight over every frag by two well known players in the Q4 community all over the world: /< eden and /< x1na. Although we have no recorded demo, the people that followed the dispute inch by inch, won't soon forget it.

The Ultimate FPS Gamer was /< eden that recovered from the early loss of points, in the Country Strike and Counter-Strike Source competitions, grabbing the highest prize money of the Fun Party. XBox Gears of War had a K1ck vs K1ck final, with our two duos finishing first and second. Call Of Duty 4 also had lots of fun and in the end, it was time well spent.

People from our past, people from the present and perhaps people from our future, they all went to Estoril on this weekend, if not to play, just to say hi. Many forgotten faces and some new ones, we thank them all and we hope that it won't take another year to be reunited again, on the second edition of the AK Awards.

AK Awards & Fun Party Photos

Multiplay i34

August 2008 08-11 - Place: Coventry, England

Green, green and more green. That's what you get when you go play a tournament right at the very heart of England, near Coventry. The Multiplay i34 took place at Stoneleigh Park and again it was a great success. Almost 2 000 people attended the event and the K1ck eSports Club Counter-Strike Source team was there, in the Elite Zone area, after winning the Qualifier.

With K1ck being number 7 seed, the group stage was quite easy with victories in all of the matches, six to be exact. Then the real competition begun and the first match was a disappointment. Falling quite soon to the losers bracket after being defeated in the Overtime [16:19] by TMC, our team took the blow and slowly diggested it. Game after game, we put out of the competition strong teams such as TLR and soon we got to the money-earning-game facing xone, the number 11 seed. [16:04] says it all and keeping the pace we put 4kings out of business also, in a thrilling overtime.

With the 5th place secured, we wanted more and the game against London Mint proved that we might have had it, if we had some luck at crucial stages of the game. Our [10:05] advantage turned around and we lost [13:16] with the number 2 seed. All in all, it was a good K1ck participation in the tournament and we are surely looking forward to another chance to go further in the brackets.

Although the location was slightly out of hand somewhere in Warwickshire, we enjoyed moving around from place to place, visiting a different reality than the one we are used to. Asking for dinner at 18h45 and getting an answer such as "sorry, we only serve it during daytime" is quite out of the ordinary for southern europe guys :). And so it ends another K1ck participation at an UK tournament. Again with a good presence and nice results, it is always a pleasure to spend some time visiting this great land.

Multiplay i34 Photos

ESWC 2008 Brazil Qualifier

May 2008 30-31 - Place: São Paulo, Brazil

The Brazilean ESWC 2008 Qualifier was probably the best ESWC that I attended, in three years of Trackmania Nations. I took RavenZero at the airport and we spent the day in Campinas before we headed to São Paulo, where we would meet the rest of the team: Vini, that lives in São Paulo and Dido that came from Florianópolis. The TMN games would only take place on Saturday so we had our fun at the luxurious hotel, visiting the sponsors stands and watching the DOTA games. Adrenaline promoted an event, besides making the TMN competition coverage, in which they would give prizes to the people that could beat our players, but none of the participants had any kind of success.

On Saturday I arrived at the event at 8 o’clock to set things ready for the competition. The draw had already been made and we have started on schedule at 10 am. The machines that Evolute put at our disposal where really strong, which was somehow weird as the players don’t have that kind od material at home, so they needed some time to adjust to this new reality.

Dido e Vini went to the first group while RavenZero went to the other. As expected, the 3 k1ck players went to the next stage of the competition with MostV as the only “stranger” in this new group. The final started with a great dispute between dido and RavenZero that was only settled in the last match, with the reigning ESWC Champion Dido taking it. Vini got 3rd place, closing an all K1ck podium. You can see the Adrenaline video for the last two Dido laps at the youtube and on our website news regarding the competition.

The first two players got the qualification for the finals but the second place didn’t include the flight fee, so RavenZero will have some extra difficulties to attend the San Jose finals. Back to the hotel, we have watched a ridiculous football match between Brazil and Canada and went to celebrate the success at the tournament.

ESWC 2008 Brazil Qualifier Photos

Micer Rabasa XIV

December 2007 14-16 - Place: Valencia, Spain

This time we went to Valencia in Spain, in order to play the Micer Rabasa XIV Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 tournament. In a weekend with a big Valencia-Barcelona football match, when it comes to gaming things didn't go as well as we wanted them to go. Neither for Valencia football team that lost 0-3 vs Barça.

Upon arriving at the airport, we quickly got into the town center and found a place to stay for the weekend. Eating some paellas and drinking some sangrias was the best way to get in touch with the locals and start the evening. Strolling around Valencia, one could see that it is a beatiful city, with lots of interesting motives.

The tournament started with the wrong foot, as we went into the place marked on the map delivered by the organization, but the tournament was at least 1 Km away. So /< Bubaloo and /< DarkAngel begin their participation with a default loss. No point in arguing with the organizers, they both got through into the elimination stage.

While the players were playing, it was time for the rest of us to watch the Valencia-Barcelona match, live at the Mestalla stadium :). Big disappointment for the locals, losing 0-3 and waving their white pañuelos in the air at the end, asking for the coach to be released of the job. Going back to PES2008 and Micer Rabasa, our players didn't make it to the final, losing in the elimination brackets, but after the wonderful stay at Valencia, something tells me that we will be back.

Micer Rabasa XIV Photos

aLanTejo Lan Party

October 2007 19-21 - Place: Évora, Portugal

Once again we went to Évora in order to participate in the 4th edition of the aLanTejo. This time we only had players for 2 tournaments, Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament 2004, both with a good prize-money to distribute. Unlike 2006, this year some of us arrived early and stayed in Évora, a magnificent and beautiful city, for the weekend.

On Saturday, after finding the best spots to sleep, the best restaurants and promenading during the lunch hour, soon we went to the Lan Party, to start the real competition. And it lasted all night, with the Counter-Strike tournament final being played at 07.00 am :).

Again, the K1ck players won the events that they have played, in this case Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament 2004, securing a nice prize-money and lots of stuff from reputed brands. This time with a great weather, although one could freeze inside the LAN sort-of-hut at 06:00 am.

Sunday it was time to collect the prizes, pose for the photos, say goodbye and hopefully see you next year.

aLanTejo Lan Party Photos

Portuguese World Cyber Games

September 2007 07-09 - Place: Espinho, Portugal

With only 4 available games in the Portuguese WCG qualifier, K1ck went to Espinho with 2 teams, Counter-Strike and Gears Of War, and a few players for the Warcraft 3 1on1 competition. As we did not have a Fifa section at the time, we could only aim for 10 spots out of 11, the total numbers of the Portuguese representation in Seattle.

And things started quite well with the /< Gears Of War team winning every possible match and the Warcraft 3 players going for an all K1ck final. The /< Counter-Strike team also had things in motion after coming back from holidays, gaining teamplay as the tournament went on.

Then, all of the sudden, the victories came one after the other. Our goals were completely fulfilled, with all of the K1ck players that went to Espinho occupying the top positions in every possible game! Victories in CS, GoW and WC3 put 10 K1ck players representing Portugal in Seattle, with the FIFA winner joining our Club before going to the WCG Finals, making it 11 out of 11 possible slots, an absolute record for sure!

It was a fantastic weekend for K1ck eSports Club and an impressive performance from our players, contributing to a deed that will surely be in the memory of many for the years to come.

Portuguese World Cyber Games Photos

WGT at XLParty

June - July 2007 29-02 - Place: S.João da Madeira, Portugal

The new edition of XLParty, this time in S.João da Madeira, had an extra in order to attract people into the event. For the first time in Portugal, a WGT by Asus was being held at the party. This first edition of the World GameMaster Tournament was a great opportunity for K1ck Counter-Strike division to go for the 5 Asus G1 laptops, the prize for the first place in the tournament.

Starting quite easily, k1ck.cs built up to the final with a good collection of frags and nice results, defeating each and every opponent. Dressed up to the occasion, we only needed to win 1 map to take home the laptops. And we did it in our first chance, adding up to our awards list another important tournament. And of course, 5 excellent laptops along with some other stuff.

WGT at XLParty Photos

Lamego LanParty

June 2007 23-24 - Place: Lamego, Portugal

This was perhaps one of the funniest Lan Parties that K1ck attended. Going for the Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament 2004 tournaments and prize-money, the goal was accomplished with the 1st place in both, but we also got several extras on our luggage.

For starters, the whole episode with a player sleeping like a baby and his cell phone ringing over 100 times during the night, without waking him up. An absolute record indeed. Then the S.João party, with a light dinner provided by the organization, as the beginning of a night well spent.

2 am with the local band still playing and people celebrating, which is a normal situation. What is not normal is another band playing at 9am waking everybody that was trying to catch a few hours sleep.

The tournaments went our away, we packed the stuff and we left Lamego with the feeling that we did spend a nice weekend, at an enjoyable Lan Party.

Lamego LanParty Photos

EuroCSS Tournament

October 2006 26-29 - Place: London, England

With an all Portuguese 6 players team plus a member from staff, the representation from K1ck eSports Club that would attend the Counter-Strike Source EuroCSS tournament in London, left Portugal in a flight that took off from the city of Porto. Some minor problems in the airport and there we were in London, impressed by the tight security measures where no policeman at the airport could be seen in "echo", all with machine guns.

Placed in the middle of Baker Street near the Madame Tussaud Wax Museum, not even the famous detective Sherlock Holmes would help us to get on the way to the place where we were supposed to be: Harrow on the Hill. So we did what everybody does and went to the subway asking around what nobody seemed to know - how to give the right answer. Almost close to the point of buying a map (yes, we like to get lost once in a while), we asked an employee of the Metro that answered us "Well, I live in Harrow on the Hill". What are the odds ? :)

Now all we had to do was find a place to stay as we did go with no reservations, no knowledge of where the LAN was or the Harrow place for that matter, carrying only our hopes and yes, our heavy-getting-heavier-by-the-minute luggage. After a short discussion with the owner of some sort of hotel, he realized that we were Portuguese and that there was no point in arguing with us as we were fully trained in the lower-the-price-you-are-asking skill.

Now, into the LAN. Although it seemed that the LAN place kept avoiding us, we did manage to find it, after some promenading in the lovely streets of Harrow on the Hill. The first team we met where the Insignia Cadre guys and as usual, the conversation between teams from different nationalities was great. Bootcamped vs Insignia Cadre and Team Speedlink and lost both by a narrow margin, which gave us hope for the real matches ahead of us.

We were placed in pot 3 in the draw, which meant that we were not accounted as favorites in our Group to go through to the playoffs. But we did go. We won 2 matches and lost 1 and got placed in the second group stage along with Dignitas and the now 4Kings. Dignitas won the group but because they had to take an early flight home, we filled in, played and lost the semi final of the tournament vs Insignia Cadre, a real tough team.

Amazingly, everything went rather well even eating at McDonald's and Burger King, although we had our vengeance when we had our K1ck dinner at a local Italian Restaurant. Even considering the way we got there, the 3rd-4th place at the tournament was swell and the experience marvellous, surely to be repeated in a near future.

EuroCSS Photos

ESL Major League UT2k4 Tournament

October 2006 27-29 - Place: Cologne, Germany

Having earned the right to play the Consolation Final of the ESL Major League Unreal Tournament 2004 competition, our team went to Cologne in Germany so that we could all play with a fair ping in a LAN environment. That is the official reason to attend the event...as for the unofficial, yeah, it's great to have fun in Europe! Our Portuguese players /< skew, /< psy and /< hypno met with the french one /< pmcc in Cologne, after making a flight Porto-London-Dortmund.

The event occurred in the Giga TV Studios being broadcasted to the world, with i-views to the teams before the games and a LIVE transmission of the UT2k4 matches. 1on1, 2on2 and 4on4 TDM matches was the menu and K1ck once again won vs n!Faculty in the Consolation Final, on the way to the Grand Final.

But the matches vs Mousesports didn't go as well as the ones before and after a brilliant career, K1ck eSports Club Unreal Tournament 2004 team ended what might be considered the UT2k4 Champion's League tournament in the 2nd position, therefore becoming number 2 in Europe.

Almost meeting the CSS K1ck team in London, they came home the same way they went but in reverse order, Dusseldorf-London-Porto, happy for a well spent time, a prize-money and a title in the bag.

ESL Major League UT2k4 Photos

aLanTejo Lan Party

October 2006 20-22 - Place: Évora, Portugal

This Lan Party could be described as the touch 'n go Lan Party for K1ck eSports Club. After some car troubles during the journey to Évora, we arrived at the location, did some laps around the walls that protect the city before we could find the place, sat on the chairs and won almost every tournament.

We filled up the podium, 1st and 2nd, in Pro Evolution Soccer, Need For Speed and Unreal Tournament 2004 with /< bubaloo, /< DarkAngel, /< VSGear, /< Hover, /< skew and /< psy giving no real chances to the competition. In the team games, we got first in the Mohaa tournament and the only money that got away into someone else's pocket was the check from the Counter-Strike tournament where we have finished in the third position after a long marathon that ended at 7h30 am.

The event was well organized, one could see that they have experience in this kind of events, but there was a sort of set-back regarding the weather conditions. Heavy rain outside and some dripping inside bugging the players, specially when they couldn't hit the opponents and had to blame it on the tiny bubbles of water. A must for 2007.

aLanTejo Lan Party Photos

Futurtech Lan Party

July 2006 20-23 - Place: Lagoa, Algarve

The 21 K1ck eSports Players that attended the event in Lagoa, Algarve, all have one thing in common: they sure enjoyed the event, the great weather, the beaches and the ppl from the excellent organization. And of course, the prize-money that almost all went back home with. Unreal Tournament 2004, Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike Source, Pro Evolution Soccer 5 and Trackmania were the official tournaments, plus a Chess tournament organized by the local Chess Club. We were in all of the finals, winning 4 of them and getting 3 second places.

The journey to Algarve did not start very well for /< Skew, /< Bubaloo and /< Stuntz as they all got a present from the local police, a ticket. They were stopping everybody going to Algarve due to the 25th Faro Moto Concentration, so it was just a case of being there at the wrong time.

The tournaments had some delay, which is always a must in this type of events, but they did go on in a good rythm. The first K1ck players to get a prize-money were /< Skew and /< Psy, that once again were engaged in a great Unreal Tournament 2004 final. Then /< Barruma from our Counter-Strike Source team finished second in the Trackmania Final. /< Counter-Strike 1.6 second place followed and /< bubaloo finished the Pro Evolution Soccer 5 Tournament in the first place, 15 points ahead of the competition. Meanwhile /< Spirit won the Chess tournament and to top it all, the /< Counter-Strike Source team clearly won the tournament, ending a great K1ck eSports Club participation in the Lan Party.

On a final note, in the next event please remove the bell from hell near our rest house, that played different tunes all day long. Great lan Party, see you next year ;)

Futurtech Lan Party Photos

Lanfield Lan Party

April 2006 07-11 - Place: Beja

If we add up all the Km that our players had to travel to attend the Lanfield Lan Party in Beja, we would come up with a final result of around 15 000 Km! But they all got home with a happy face and their pockets full as we have won almost every tournament we got into. Victories in Pro Evolution Soccer 5, Quake 4, Unreal Tournament 2004 and Mohaa, a second place in Counter-Strike and a victory in the Cooler Master Trackmania Tour sure granted us the title of the dominant clan/association at the Lan Party.

It's never easy to plan travel and accomodation arrangements for 25 players, but somehow we have managed to attend the Lan and everyone got a PC to play with. After we have settled in, the problems began. Lights in, lights out every time we plugged in our equipment, changing places, checking the equipment, asking the organization to repair the boxes and no internet. But after this false start that took almost a day to fix, the LAN went on and the tournaments began at last.

While /< Skew and /< Psy went on beating the competition at the QPAD Unreal Tournament 2k4 Challenge without even being fragged once, the Counter-Strike tournament started and in the second round we played the anticipated final vs Exotic. Winning by a large margin [12:03] we sure let them get out of trouble too easily, as we should have won it by a large difference and put an early end to the match. Losing in the Overtime, we met again at the final after a long marathon of matches throughout the night in the next 2 days and lost a game where our players didn't even get into, therefore ending the CS participation in the second place.

Unreal Tournament 2k4 got some easy first and second places, Mohaa also, Pro Evolution Soccer 5 was a disputed tournament till the final round with /< DarkAngel winning the final match and securing the first too places for /< Bubaloo and himself and Quake 4 was truly exciting. /< Eden won the Winners Final and lost the first match at the Grand Final only to delight the audience with some impossible railgun shots at the final match that granted him a [2:0] victory and the first place of the competition whilst /< Skew grabbed a nice 3rd place in a game that he does not usually play.

The organizers sure did their best to correct the problems that arose during the LAN and after all, it was worth it. See you next year ;)

Lanfield Lan Party Photos

Samsung European Championship

March 2006 09-12 - Place: Hannover

It all started like an InterRail. Taking a Bus to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, sleeping over, and then off to Frankfurt. After a little mingling with the locals ("Anda cá fdp!") and some football in the Railway station to calm down, we took the train to Hannover with some lovely weather, below zero, outside. At last we reached the hotel, but to our surprise it was the wrong hotel. The driver took us to the Hotel where the French guys were supposed to stay and left them in the cold for 3 hours. Way to go Driver but please keep taking your Prozac in the morning.

Now in the right hotel, we found out that we had to travel 70 Km each day to go to the Cebit to play our matches. But nothing could take us down, and with the lovely white snow all around us, everything looked like a postcard.

The Counter-Strike Source Team played a great game vs Slovakia, losing the final round at [14:15] in a way that will never happen again in the next 100 years, but sure was exciting and a great match. Then vs Germany we started losing it in the coin toss, as we started cobble as Terrorists. Against a Pro Team, we stood no chance and lost heavily as we didn't have the chance to recover as CT. But the moment of the day was the Bronze Medal that Man_s conquered, after beating the player from Austria. Check out the photos, with Man_s receiving the Fat Check at the closing Ceremony :).

Samsung European Championship Photos

Oeste Lan Party

December 2005 16-17-18 - Place: Cadaval

"Christmas is coming, why not make a withdrawal at Cadaval?". And the trip from Porto and Lisbon to Cadaval (near Bombarral) with a short stop in Seia, begun. Being a BYOC party (Bring Your Own Computer) things got a little messy. Due to the short time at our disposal, loading up the vehicles with Computer Towers, Monitors and the whole hardware and camping stuff required on these occasions, wasn't the easiest of tasks.

Everything settled, vehicles loaded up with all of the stuff, when suddendly Vick fell in love with a monitor and wouldn't let it go. They were inseparable, so he carried it on his lap the whole journey, moving most of us to tears with such dedication and reciprocal man-machine tenderness :).

Arrive at the location, get in, install the material, play Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament 2004, cruise around a little, pack the material, get out and go home. Somewhere in the middle of these actions, we got a fat check for the victories in the Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament 2004 events, and for the 2nd and 3rd places at the UT2k4 Tournament. Not bad for a funny weekend spent in a nice place, somewhere in Portugal.

Oeste Lan Party Photos

K1ck Club Lan House Photos

WCG 2005 PT Finals

September - October 2005 30-01-02 - Place: Porto

And they came from all over the country. Players from Lisbon, Algarve and Seia all had a final destination: Estádio do Dragão in Porto, FC Porto's Stadium, in order to play the World Cyber Games PT Finals. They met, some for the first time, and after a short preamble, everybody got back to business.

Unpacking, making the final tests to the material and let's do what we came here for, which is, win this damn thing! Easy first Group stage, and a load of victories helped to calm down the team. Second Group stage not that easy, and after the first defeat occurred, a good victory to keep on the right track. Soon we were playing the Final game, after a good performance at the single elimination stage.

And what a game it was...After a not so good start, the team players found themselves losing 3-12 playing as Terrorists on Train. But the mental strengh and maturity displayed by our players was impressive. Step by step, they scored important rounds, and at 14-14 I think that nobody at FCPorto's Dragon Stadium doubted that K1ck would win the match. And so they did. [16-14] with a 13-2 CT score, stamped their way to Singapore for the WCG Finals.

WCG 2005 PT Finals Photos

ESWC 2005 Counter-Strike PT Finals

June 2005 10-11-12 - Place: Guimarães

Being qualified for the ESWC 2005 Finals, the team went to Penafiel a few days earlier, making Netplanet the headquarters for the ESWC assault. Ralph, Vick, Liquid, Nol, Weapon and Shaolin had a terrible urge to start playing and breaking some skulls, so staying inside, filling in some final details wasn't easy.

First Group phase showed us that surprises could be hard to recover, as the team lost vs IURD, a mix, and had to won vs KKnD so that both teams went on to the next stage of the competition. On the second Group phase, again K1ck had to win the final game vs excello by a good margin, which we did and secured 1st place at the group, going through to the single elimination stage.

After beating Fumos Team, the semis would be vs Royal Flush, and the team with more experience won, although K1ck were playing some hard ball throughout the whole tournament. Beating Prod secured a well deserved 3rd place, with us all feeling that 2nd and even 1st would be within our grasp.

ESWC 2005 Counter-Strike PT Finals Photos

ESWC Counter-Strike Pre-Qualifiers

May - June 2004 - Places: Valongo, Braga, Maia

And after some promenading across the country to gain some balance and teamplay, we couldn't fail the ESWC qualification on the last tournament. Everything that the K1ck CS players had trained for, every tactic, spot and boost, would be at stake on this last chance to qualify.

At FunkyByte K1ck were placed in Group A, with the games starting really early in the morning (9 am!). 13-10 vs gHK2, 13-2 vs uNit and 13-3 Ft secured first place. 13-6 vs YTS and 13-2 vs IsS Victories showed us the way to the ESWC Finals. Still the Winners Final vs Mid to be played but the festive environment affected the players aim and a 3-13 defeat was just a "we'll be back" after winning the losers final 13-5 vs gHK2. And a great game it was, ending 11-13, where those tiny things and a little luck are sometimes decisive. Gg Mid, we'll meet you in a few days :P

Great Headshots, a good victory vs Team Ion on the Jogos Gomes qualify in Braga, some quality time spent bootcamping and playing the NetPlanet Tournament and that terrible overtime on the winners final vs Team Ion in Braga, produced a more mature K1ck CS team and the results obviously improved. Well played!

ESWC Counter-Strike Pre-Qualifiers Photos

GNet Counter-Strike Tournament

February 2004 21-22-23 - Place: Paços de Ferreira

35 Clans in dispute on a nice spot to do something like this and a false start for many of them, as it happened to K1ck that only played on Sunday evening after doing the check-in Friday night, didn't spoil the fun and the well disputed games ( some, anyway )that took place.

After being the main team in Group G, the draw was not at all easy. Being one of the hardest groups and the last to play didn't help, but with 13-03, 13-03 and a quite good now-you-shut-up-and-go-home 13-01 vs a squad that claimed victory to their side before the match, secured a place in the next phase. The lack of concentration in the 10-13 defeat vs Gurcas and the consequent 2nd place was to be decisive in K1ck's Tournament.

And once again the draw was a hard one. K1ck would have to face Midnight and one of the good teams in the tournament had to lose and end its path at an early stage. 10-13 on a good strugle proved that it was a pitty that the 2 teams had to meet at such an early stage of the competition, but such is life :)

GNet Counter-Strike Tournament Photos

Samsung's IT Show Photo

Navigator2 Counter-Strike Tournament

December 2003 20-21 - Place: Vila do Conde

Saturday morning Vila do Conde woke up with some disturbance and unknown ppl gathering on a quiet street. Navigator2 Counter-Strike Tournament was about to start and pt major clans didn't want to miss the chance to win the prize at dispute.

The first day of the event was almost superb. Easy K1ck 13-0 victories vs 7 deadly sins and Tiger (default win) and a close match vs rWs, with a 13-11 win. But the best match was still to come. Leading the match vs Exotic, with lots of opportunities in a row to close it, the first place in the group sure seemed granted but a nice recover from the Exotic team ended in a 12-12 draw. And in Overtime the turn around was completed and Exotic won, but surely they didn't expect the hard fight for the first place that almost got away.

On the second day, when everybody at the team thought they would probably be facing zG, a surprising fh was in the way at quarter finals. And the match started not so well, in a map where the results and tactics aren't so great. And fh hang on well to the early advantage that they conquered to win the match, ending K1ck's path at Navigator2.

Navigator2 Counter-Strike Tournament Photos

K1ck Open Lan I

October 2003 10-11-12 - Place: Porto

Friday the 10th, not the 13th. The K1ck-off for a well spent 3 day, 2 night, gaming at full speed, enjoyable time. It started with a Quake 3 Fortress 1 flag all-soldiers session at Bam5, just to get in shape for the fights ahead. Somehow, this Q3F mod, always reminds me of Rugby matches, where you have to push and push while the flag carrier goes through the cracks you open in the opponent's defense.

Enemy Territory was the follow-up, and the funny part of the matches were "those guys looking at the sky and whistling" while others fought for their lives. They always wanted to play the game but never gave it a try, so they took the chance and tested it with the pros :)

All through Saturday night and Sunday morning, QWTF ruled. With hundreds of games, pro players in the room on several recent FPS, Enemy Territory and Q3 fans by the dozen, we all wind up playing the light, speedy and a joy to play as a team, Quake World Team Fortress, now with a lift on the fuh quake version.

Dinner around the table, telling stories from the past and eating ( not marshmallows by the fire camp 'cause we would set the place on fire ), was a great way to celebrate the reason why anyone should start a clan. It's all about ppl. And 5 years later, some of us still attend the meetings and we watch the list getting larger each year with great pleasure. Next Year, Lisboa awaits us :)

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