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Tuesday, 27 September 2005
For the first time in Portugal and only a few in Europe, since the 27th September we have a traditional Online multigaming clan from the 90's, turning into an Association. Being the only eSports Association in activity in the country, the main objective is to practice Electronic Sports and initiate others in the virtues of playing online, not only on a local level, but also worldwide.

The possibility of contracting players and offer a sense of security and stability to sponsors, sure makes the event another step into professionalizing a growing phenomena, the online gaming. K1ck eSports Club

It has been a long path for the people involved in the project. Since the foundation as a Clan in October 1998, K1ck conquered the respect and admiration of their fellow mates, by their correct posture and skill, but also by the maturity and friendliness of the members.
Always with a good environment within the group, the secret for success, K1ck achieved a lot of trophies in the past, and keeps on grabbing them, as we can verify in the website, achievements section.

This is a great step into a bright future, a wonderful day for K1ck and for the eSports all around.

Press Release - Pdf version available.

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