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Sunday, 27 August 2006
The second K1ck Monthly QPAD Competition comes today to an end with the announcement of the winner. And the winner is...

Qpad eSports Club K1ck Multigaming Clan Logo Clan K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Portugal Logo Miguel 'endon' Oliveira. It took us a much longer period than we ever expected to evaluate all of the reviews that we have received, but finally we agreed that the one we present below should be the winner.

We would like to thank everybody for making our task of chosing a winner a hard one, with the many great quality reviews that we had to check. As usual, the winner will receive a QPAD package consisting in a QPAD®|CT™ Mousepad, a Q|Wristband, a Q|Lanyard and Q|Glidz. Keep checking the news, the next competition will soon be up ;).

Here is the awarded review:

by endon

Well, first of all i must emphasize that this is my first review of such a product. I've been a faithful owner of a more than oldschool Steelpad 4D for what seems to be ages now and i have never been a fan of cloth surfaces.
This is why the 4D was the pad that opened my eyes (and mouse sensor) to the wonders of a decent surface to game on, and it still serves me well up until now, simply because i'm one of those guys that follows the "If it ain't broken, don't fix it" motto.

Now, for those of you that don't know QPAD, i must say that everything about the company can be found at their website, so let's skip the "boring" manufacturer introduction and get on the job of testing this little beast of a gaming blanket!

QPAD designers did a great job (as far as I'm concerned) with the overall choice of colors and designs for this pad. The packaging however is far from impressive in both looks and usability. It's your standard plastic tube that forces you to transport your mousepad all rolled up and it doesn't stand much abuse so, if you are a frequent LAN player you should consider another way of transporting the QPAD CT, since it's more than probable that the original packaging ends up in the trash can after a few trips.

The pad itself is something completely different.
I guess everyone remembers those cloth mousepads that served as the glide platform for ball mice? Well the CT is something totally beyond those pads.
From the graphics to the finishing on the edges this pad oozes quality and style. You can find it in two different combinations of color and size.
My test bed was the L sized (40.5cm x 28.5cm), 4mm high, black surface, but you can also find it with a white decor and the more standard sized Medium (33cm x 25.5cm) dimension, something to consider when buying such an item, since the larger won't fit in all of our desks.

The surface of the QPAD CT, despite being a piece of cloth, has some engineering skills behind it. Friction on the pad is controlled through coating that's applied to the pad called Hybratech. This means that there is virtually no abrasion when using the QPAD CT as one might expect from a cloth pad, instead the surface fells very smooth and progressive, even similar to what we could expect from say... a poll table cloth, where the balls roll very easily, but with just enough friction to give the player control over them.

This is probably the most appealing characteristic of this mousepad. It's soft, warm to the touch giving the user a very comfortable fell even over long hours of usage, but remains very loose to glide on with just enough resistance to aid us in our gaming experience. Oh wait! Did i say gaming? Well, i usually spend some time using Adobe's Photoshop and this was with a doubt a great improvement to my daily tasks.
The main problem with hard surface pads is that they simply start to get worn and you gradually lose that fell of balance between the center of the pad and those zones near the edges, so when you need to make a wider move over the mousepad, depending on where your target stops for instance, you will have a different resistance level on the surface.
Even though my time with the QPAD CT wasn't long enough to try and make a comparison to my 4D, or as matter of fact with any other hard surface mousepad I've tried, my impression was of a more durable material when it comes to wearing.

So, what about real world tests?
Like i mentioned earlier i tried it with Photoshop, your basic Windows usage and two games, Quake4 and CS 1.6.
Something i immediately need to adjust was the in-game sensitivity on both games. I'm a fairly low sens player (2.0 in CS) and the extra surface really came in handy (even though i would prefer something in between the two available sizes - probably due to being used to my 4D), allowing me to decrease even further the sensitivity so i could fully enjoy the larger gliding area of the CT.
While playing Q4 i also had to decrease the sens since the mouse was too responsive on close combat situations, when it finally felt right the pads progressiveness really stood out and allowed a very smooth yet fast paced aiming.

I saved the bottom for last (pun intended). The Hybratek surface is stuck on top of foam, similar to that you can find on other products like Everglide's Titan (Razer Mantis) cloth pads.
I sticks very well to all the surfaces i used it in (glass, wood and metal). Efficiency above all.

So, to sum things up, this is one of the finest products you can slip under your mouse, either while gaming, designing or whatever. The surface is very comfortable to the touch and doesn't get cold in the Winter like some hard top mousepads. In the Summer it works as a sweat absorber, which means you won't slip in your body moisture ^^.
The eye catching design is also a plus and it doesn't appear to interfere with my Logitech's MX310 sensor and the supplied Glidz do their job as expected.
A very well conceived mousepad that offers speed and control at the same time, making it a must have for all serious gamers out there.


Overall comfort and manufacturing quality
Precision and control without sacrificing reaction speed
Gorgeous yet subtle graphics

Transportation (the plastic can isn't the most adequate for the job)
A bit costly considering some of its competitors (QcK; Titan; Mantis)

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