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Wednesday, 01 August 2007
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And another K1ck Season comes to an end, this time the Season 2006-2007 that started in the 1st of August 2006 and ended yesterday, the 31st of July 2007. And again a great leap towards an even brighter future, performing at even a higher level than in the previous season, as it has become an habbit in all of these years of K1ck competing in eSports.

This season we have conquered 117 awards, an absolute record in the Club, in a great display of skill and strength from our players. Taking a more closer look at these awards, one sees that 76 of these awards are from 1st place classifications and 27 are from 2nd place classifications, making it 103 awards just from 1st and 2nd podiums.

This was the season where we have witnessed Clan K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Portugal Logo /< bubaloo getting a 4th place at the PES6 ESWC in Clan K1ck eSports Club Multigaming France Logo Paris, the total remodelling of our Counter-Strike 1.6 with the hiring of solid names in the Portuguese community such as Clan K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Portugal Logo Foxj and its immediate effects with the victory at the 1st Portuguese WGT by Asus with the 5 G1 notebooks and the presence at the Clan K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Spain Logo GameGune, and the creation of some more winning divisions such as Gears Of War, Warcraft 3, War Rock,Day of Defeat Source and Football Manager.

We have also witnessed a great job from our Quake 4 team, competing in several tournaments and getting the podium in almost all of them. The rebirth of Call Of Duty 2 with a huge success in both Clan K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Portugal Logo Portuguese and Clan K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Finland Logo Finnish divisions, Urban Terror with its 1st position at the european ladder and Enemy Territory that played the Eurocup and attended the CPC II, are the comebacks of the season.

One of our dearest and oldest divisions, Unreal Tounament 99 and 2004 also performed at the usual high level, getting 1st places in the european ladders and winning every tournament that took place in Clan K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Portugal Logo Portugal, with a solid exhibition in the final at Clan K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Germany Logo Cologne, where they grabbed the 2nd place in what one could consider the UT2k4 European Championship. And of course, Counter-Strike Source collecting titles and getting the 3rd place in Clan K1ck eSports Club Multigaming UK Logo London at the EuroCSS.

At last and in a special place, Pro Evolution Soccer that keeps adding awards every time they play a tournament, in an impressive series of victories, even by our high standards.

One of the many contributions that made all of this possible is the union and friendship between the players from the divisions, either playing in the same team or not, because after all, they all belong to this eSports Club that goes by the name of K1ck.

Here is the neverending list of K1ck 2006-2007 awards, also available in our Achievements section:


2006-08-20/< FragmaESL Quake 4 1on1 European Ladder2Quake 4
2006-08-20/< DarkAngelKonami PES5 Ladder3Pro Evolution Soccer 5
2006-08-31/< zobeClanbase Warsow 1vs1 Cup 5th League 20061Warsow
2006-08-31/< FragmaQuadlan Lan Tournament in Slovakia1Quake 4
2006-09-04/< utClanbase 2v2 SoccerCup International 20061Unreal Tournament
2006-09-05/< eckoGamingeye 1vs1 tour #3 20061Unreal Tournament 2004
2006-09-05/< eckoQPad Man or Mouse UT2004 1on13Unreal Tournament 2004
2006-09-06/< csOnline South League3Counter-Strike
2006-09-12/< thunderLPGA Lan Party 20061Unreal Tournament 2004
2006-09-12/< cssExtreme Lan Party 20061Counter-Strike Source
2006-09-12/< thunderLPGA Lan Party 20061Quake 3
2006-09-18/< ut2k4ESL TDM 4on4 Premiership Qualification Cup1Unreal Tournament 2004
2006-10-02/< skewinUnreal 1on1 Cup1Unreal Tournament 2004
2006-10-07/< skewxTp Masters 1on1 Cup 20061Unreal Tournament 2004
2006-10-14/< FriksPES5 2nd Online League Cup 2006 Championship2Pro Evolution Soccer 5
2006-10-14/< DarkAngelPES5 2nd Online League Cup 2006 Championship1Pro Evolution Soccer 5
2006-10-14/< DarkAngelPES5 2nd Online League Cup 2006 Supercup1Pro Evolution Soccer 5
2006-10-23/< DarkAngelaLanTejo Lan Party 20062Pro Evolution Soccer 5
2006-10-23/< PsyaLanTejo Lan Party 20062Unreal Tournament 2004
2006-10-23/< skewaLanTejo Lan Party 20061Unreal Tournament 2004
2006-10-23/< bubalooaLanTejo Lan Party 20061Pro Evolution Soccer 5
2006-10-23/< thunderUT2k4 Area76 1on1 tournament1Unreal Tournament 2004
2006-10-23/< nfsaLanTejo Lan Party 20061Need For Speed
2006-10-23/< nfsaLanTejo Lan Party 20062Need For Speed
2006-10-23/< mohaaaLanTejo Lan Party 20061MOHAA
2006-10-29/< cssEuroCSS Cup in London3Counter-Strike Source
2006-10-29/< ut2k4ESL UT2004 Major League Cup in Cologne2Unreal Tournament 2004
2006-11-01/< DarkAngel45º Torneio Oficial Supercup1Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2006-11-01/< DarkAngel45º Torneio Oficial Championship1Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2006-11-05/< cssArea76 Tournament1Counter-Strike Source
2006-11-12/< cod2Clanbase Search & Destroy Portuguese Ladder1Call Of Duty 2
2006-12-02/< zesterESL 1on1 Ladder1Football Manager
2006-12-02/< FlowahDreamhack Winter 2006 in Sweden1Need For Speed
2006-12-04/< fm3D Cup Online1Football Manager
2006-12-20/< fmXmasCup ReV-eSports1Football Manager
2007-01-09/< utClanbase iCTF Zeroping European Ladder1Unreal Tournament
2007-01-14/< csCyber@ne ESWC Qualifier1Counter-Strike
2007-01-19/< hypnoESL 1on1 Premiership Qualifier #21Unreal Tournament 2004
2007-01-25/< wr AETL Launch Cup1Warrock
2007-01-25/< wr BETL Launch Cup2Warrock
2007-01-28/< q4Clanbase EuroCup XIV - Q4 TDM5Quake 4
2007-02-01/< DarkAngel23rd PRO-MONEY PES.COM.PT3Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-02-01/< bubaloo23rd PRO-MONEY PES.COM.PT1Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-02-09/< DarkAngelLiga PS2 OFICIAL ONLINE Evolution Soccer 6
2007-02-09/< bubalooLiga PC OFICIAL ONLINE Evolution Soccer 6
2007-02-10/< cssMindzone CSS Sennheiser2Counter-Strike Source
2007-02-11/< bubalooESWC Qualifier FNAC GaiaShopping1Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-02-11/< cod2ESL Inverno Series1Call Of Duty 2
2007-02-13/< utClanbase UT zp iCTF OC Fall 20061Unreal Tournament
2007-02-14/< StuntzwSw Duel 1on1 OpenCup Fall 2006 4th League1Warsow
2007-02-17/< cod2Clanbase CoD2 Search & Destroy 3on3 Ladder1Call of Duty 2
2007-02-17/< bubalooESL Inverno Series1Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-02-18/< Man_sSEC20072Dead Or Alive 4
2007-02-18/< S1ckESWC Qualifier Via Catarina1Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-02-19/< cod2Clanbase CoD2 TDM OpenCup Fall 2006 5th League1Call Of Duty 2
2007-02-23/< utClanbase Soccer 2on2 European Ladder1Unreal Tournament
2007-02-25/< fm2007Liga de Clans #FM20071Football Manager
2007-03-02/< v0dkaESL 1on1 Ladder1Football Manager
2007-03-05/< wc3Clanbase WC3 Clan OpenCup Fall 2006 Third League1Warcraft 3
2007-03-18/< cssXLParty2Counter-Strike Source
2007-03-18/< hypnoXLParty1Unreal Tournament
2007-04-01/< hypnoBarreiro Lan Party1Unreal Tournament
2007-04-06/< cod2Clanbase CoD2 Search & Destroy 2on22Call of Duty 2
2007-04-14/< etCrossfire PrizeFight Challenge II7Enemy Territory
2007-04-14/< cssMindzone CSS1Counter-Strike Source
2007-04-15/< VSGearMByte LanParty1Need For Speed
2007-04-15/< HoverMByte LanParty3Need For Speed
2007-04-22/< Champions League1Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-04-22/< Uefa Cup1Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-04-22/< Liga A SuperCup1Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-04-22/< Liga A Cup1Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-04-22/< Liga A3Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-04-22/< Liga B SuperCup1Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-04-22/< Liga B Cup1Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-04-22/< Liga B2Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-04-22/< Liga B1Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-04-25/< zsuperArea76 Tournament2Football Manager
2007-04-28/< Muse50º Torneio Oficial Evolution Soccer 6
2007-04-29/< dodsSkullcandy Cup1Day of Defeat Source
2007-04-30/< @ FEUP1Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-04-30/< cod2 fiCoDQCup5Call Of Duty 2
2007-04-30/< sIj0ESL Primavera Series Football Manager 2007 1on11Football Manager
2007-05-01/< DecoriClanbase CoD2 Search & Destroy 1on11Call Of Duty 2
2007-05-02/< S1ckMega Cyber Tournament1Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-05-05/< bubalooPro Evolution Soccer Tour1Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-05-05/< bubalooFraglider Taça de Portugal2Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-05-05/< hypnoETL FPS Series1Unreal Tournament 2004
2007-05-05/< PsyETL FPS Series2Unreal Tournament 2004
2007-05-07/< et.ptETL FPS Series2Enemy Territory
2007-05-10/< dodsEnemy Down Open Ladder2Day of Defeat Source
2007-05-12/< Evul0ti0n51º Torneio Oficial Evolution Soccer 6
2007-05-12/< bubaloo51º Torneio Oficial Evolution Soccer 6
2007-05-14/< cssESL Primavera Series2Counter-Strike Source
2007-05-15/< pesESL Primavera Series 2on21Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-05-26/< 29º Pro-Money2Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-05-26/< 29º Pro-Money1Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-06-01/< cod2.ptClanbase Search and Destroy 2on22Call Of Duty 2
2007-06-03/< bubalooESWC PT1Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-06-03/< csESWC PT2Counter-Strike
2007-06-24/< skewLamego LanParty1Unreal Tournament 2004
2007-06-24/< hypnoLamego LanParty2Unreal Tournament 2004
2007-06-24/< csLamego LanParty1Counter-Strike
2007-06-25/< cod2Lan-Sports Cup1Call of Duty 2
2007-06-28/< UrTClanbase European Ladder1Quake 3 UrT
2007-07-01/< exterXLParty2Unreal Tournament 2004
2007-07-01/< skewXLParty1Unreal Tournament 2004
2007-07-01/< LourenoXLParty1Gears Of War
2007-07-01/< csWGT Portugal @ XLParty1Counter-Strike
2007-07-01/< q4.ctfClanbase Quake 4 CTF Premiership2Quake 4
2007-07-02/< zei0Clanbase EuroCup XV - Q4 1v13Quake 4
2007-07-06/< cod2 ptClanbase CoD2 TDM Cup Spring 20072Call Of Duty 2
2007-07-08/< bubalooESWC Paris4Pro Evolution Soccer 6
2007-07-16/< q4Clanbase EuroCup XV - Q4 TDM4Quake 4
2007-07-22/< Quake 4 1on1 Tournament1Quake 4
2007-07-23/< q4Clanbase Q4 TDM 2vs2 Premiership4Quake 4
2007-07-23/< q4Clanbase Q4 TDM 2vs2 Premiership2Quake 4
2007-07-29/< gowMatchBox360 Gears Of War Champions League1Gears Of War

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