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Thursday, 22 January 2009
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The future of one of the games that it was fun to watch and play for a while, is under discussion. Ideas for new classes, a new mode of play and it looks like the Team Fortress 2 team has been listening to feedback and continually updating the game to fix problems and add to the gameplay experience, which many companies don't.

The Team Fortress games will always have a special meaning to us, although this TF2 is totally different from the first Team Fortress versions, with Quake World Team Fortress as the reference in the genre. Going back a few months when the game was alive in K1ck eSports Club, our Clan K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Finland Logo k1ck.tf2 team came quite close to the triumph and being nº1 team in the 3rd Season of the most important competition in Europe, the ETF2L, but in the last two games we didn't play as well as we have done throughout the tournament and got a final 5th spot.

Maybe someday we'll get back at the game but in the meantime, check the Storming the Fortress article over at The Escapist

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