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Tuesday, 17 February 2009
Cross Fire eSports Club K1ck Multigaming Clan Logo

A new game arrived in town, in a form of an Open Beta. We are talking about Cross Fire, the online military first-person shooter for the PC, developed by SmileGate and published by G4BOX. Players assume the role of either a Black List or Global Risk operative, and then compete in modes including Team Death Match, Search & Destroy and the exclusive stealth-action Ghost Mode. And here in K1ck eSports Club we are all over it.

K1ck eSports Club Multigaming ClanK1ck eSports Club Multigaming Clan

It started like another test searching for an enjoyable game to play and then we got more and more involved with this free-to-download-and-play shooter that resembles Counter-Strike Source. Map after map, rank after rank, we did enough to create a clan just for the fun of it and we have obviously named it K1ck eSports. Here is some info about Cross Fire:

Game Title: Cross Fire
Tagline: Free Online Military FPS
Genre: Free First-Person Shooter
Publisher Name: G4BOX
Developer Name: SmileGate
Payment Method: Free to Download and Play / Cash Item Shop

K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Clan

Cross Fire includes 4 game modes: Team Death Match, Search & Destroy, Elimination and the exclusive Ghost Mode, where you turn into an invisible assassin.


Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 installed.
Processor: Pentium 4 1.5GHz (recommended 2.0Ghz).
RAM Memory: 512MB (recommended 1GB).
Graphics Card: GeForce 5600 (recommended GeForce 6600 or better).
Hard Disk: 1.2GB.
Operating System: Windows XP or Windows Vista.
DirectX: 9.0 or higher.

You can download the Cross Fire Open Beta at K1ck partner's website KeroDownload.

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