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Friday, 06 March 2009

The eagerly awaited new version of the Unreal Tournament 3 was finally released. Lots of changes and new stuff, major enhancements and several improvements is what you will find in this new patch and in the Titan Pack. And on top of it all, you can download it for free and benefit from the UT3 Free Weekend because all you need is a free Steam account to play the full version of UT3 Black this weekend.

Check the info and links regarding this new boost in a great game:

Patch Summary
* Major enhancements to Server Browser
* Visual and menu flow overhaul for improved useability of user interface.
* Significant AI improvements, especially in vehicle gametypes.
* Client-side demo recording support
* Improved networking performance.
* Midgame map, game type, and mutator voting support
* Award system using Steam Achievements
* Improved mod support

Titan Pack Summary
* 16 new maps + 3 bonus pack 1 maps
* Titan mutator
* New gametypes (Greed and Betrayal)
* Stinger Turret, Eradicator Cannon Artillery and the Stealthbender vehicle
* X-Ray Field and Link Station Deployables
* Slow-Field power-up (pickup version of the deployable of the same name)
* New characters
* 57 Steam Achievements
* Several major enhancements, incuding AI, network performance, menu and UI, better mod support
* Client-side demo recording, updated server browser, new maplist system, mid-game mutator and gametype voting functionality

Patch 2.0
Titan Pack
Steam Free Weekend

You can also buy Unreal Tournament 3 Black for 11.99 Eur till March the 15th.

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