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Thursday, 23 April 2009
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One thing that people can't say is that this last Steam update to Counter-Strike 1.6 is going unnoticed. In fact the prevention of the Russian Walking, also known as duck jump or silent run, is responsible for thousands of posts worldwide. Now another update has been released that fixes "the wrong sounds being played on jump when moving to different surfaces".

But still the players want the game back to what it was, or at least with the duck jump sound noticeable but keeping the silence in a simple jump. Time, Valve and the amount of complaints will tell what will happen to this classic game that still shines in the eSports world.

Steam Updates 20-04-2009 / 22-04-2009

Counter-Strike 1.6
* Fix the wrong sounds being played on jump when moving to different surfaces
* Fixed crash in the spectator UI when hitting tab

Counter-Strike and Condition Zero
* Prevent Russian Walking exploit

Server changes
* Fixed players being kicked from servers with an INVALID_STEAM_TICKET rejection
* Added a message to the server console to show when the server has reconnected to Steam
* Made map name and other variables reported by the server stay more current
* Fixed mp_timeleft not updating in server rules (or any unlogged cvar for that matter)
* Show HLTV being connected in the player count for pings
* Fixed HLTV staying in players list even after disconnect
* Fixed server hang when a user connects with a specially crafted info string
* Fixed occasional crash under Linux on startup for SMP machines (Linux)
* Cleaned up hlds_run script (Linux)

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