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Thursday, 30 July 2009
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Quake Live keeps climbing up positions by the hour in the list of gamer's preferences, with the ID Software crew doing a good job on updating this browser based version of a Quake series game. Recent updates have included features exclusive to competitive gaming such as private servers for tournament organizers, new maps, an improved match making system and more.

Here at K1ck eSports Club we have been doing some TDM and 1on1 competition, with our Clan K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Europe Logo k1ck.ql TDM team finishing 5th at the Clanbase Quake Live 4v4 TDM tournament, defeated at the quarter finals after a great performance in the group stage. Clan K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Sweden Logo k1ck-doj will also be playing tonight vs Clan K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Netherland Logo Weird for the bronze medal at the Clanbase Quake Live 1v1 Duel competition. You can check the match info for the battle of the third place, starting at 21h00 CET.

Returning to the Quake Live updates, here are the notes about this release:

* Fixed lightning gun sound, no more loud enemies.
* Added team_say for spectators so they can chat only among spectators.
* Increased the speed of nailgun nails.
* The powerups now spawn at the same time after match start.
* cg_lagometer 2 will now display the client ping estimation along with the standard lag-o-meter graph.
* cg_chatBeep allows you to enable/disable the audible beep when you receive a message.
* cg_teamChatBeep allows you to enable/disable the audible beep when you receive a message from a teammate.
* cg_selfOnTeamOverlay toggles whether you see yourself in the team overlay.
* cg_fov lower limit is now 10.
* Changed demo autorecord naming to more easily sort and locate.
* cg_autoaction 0-3
0 - do nothing
1 - auto record demo
2 - auto record a screenshot at end of game
3 - auto record demo and screenshot
* cl_autoRecordDemo has been removed in favor of the new cg_autoaction system.
* cl_demoRecordMessage 0/1 allows you to toggle the "RECORDING..." message on the hud when recording a demo.
* cl_conTimestamps can now display values in game time.
0 - Do nothing
1 - Show values in game time (affected by cg_levelTimerDirection)
2 - Show values in servertime
* Fix for several keys becoming unbound (2,e,u,o,s,m)
* Spectators will no longer get the "Internal combustion" message upon respawn after following a player that was mined.
* Fix for a dropweapon bug that could cause other players in the game to auto switch to another weapon.
* Removed setu/sets commands.
* Fix for odd sv_maxclients values.
* Warmup delay is now disabled for bot games.
* Zoomed fov calculation now takes aspect ratio into account.
* Some FireFox users were experiencing crashes while loading into maps, these issues have been resolved.

Competition mode changes:
* Added support for limiting the amount of timeouts called, and configuring their default duration. Time outs remaining are indicated on the team scoreboards.
* Server owners can deop other clients with the 'deop' command.
* Pause and Timeout events print to the console.


Clan K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Sweden Logo k1ck-doj got the Bronze Medal by beating Clan K1ck eSports Club Multigaming Netherland Logo Weird [03:01] and finishing third at the Clanbase Quake Live 1v1 Duel.

You can also read this news on K1ck new Website Beta Version.

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